How to Style Chunky Loafers | Chunky Loafers Outfits

June 8, 2021

Chunky loafers are a controversial shoe, but I love them! Typically they are worn in the fall or winter. However, in light of making the most with the things we own, I styled my black chunky loafers for the spring and summer.

Spring & Summer:

I Love the above outfits because it plays with masculine pieces like the oversized white button down, sweater vest, and chunky loafers but is contrasted by showing a little leg with the denim shorts. This gives "young man prep school vibes" which could almost work within the light academia world. Add in more femininity with a pretty hairstyle like braids, space buns, or loose curls. I went with a bold make up look and simple jewelry.

Fall & Winter

I could totally see this outfit from a 90s movie. Between the grungy parking deck, the oversized white shirt, and the brown-mauve lip color, you'd think I was straight out of the era. Since I'm showing off a lot of leg, the chunky loafers simplify the look and deemphasize the shorter hemline (high heels would emphasize my legs). If you are unsure of how to pair something, try to stick within the same color scheme or style category. Since loafers are preppy, I did a preppy shirt. Since chunky loafers are grungy, I did a leather jacket and black for everything else. 


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