How to Make a Monochromatic Outfit/Monochrome Outfit Inspiration

May 3, 2021 Atlanta, GA, USA

Monochrome is a huge trend for 2021. While this is not a new trend, I have been seeing it a ton during this spring and expect it to continue into the summer, fall, and winter as well. This is generally an easy trend to recreate, but these three tips will make the outfit exceptional.


  1. Use a lighter and darker shade of your chosen color. If you want to do green, try doing a light green like sage or mint with a dark green like forest or olive.
  2. Have 3 pieces of clothing in the same color category - A purse, scarf, headband, blazer, jacket, etc.
  3. Buy Matching sets - This is for people who struggle to put monochromatic outfits together. This way, you already have two pieces known to match and you just need to add a third item in the same color scheme.

Now that you have the tips, let's get inspired! Below, you can find some women's outfit inspiration to help style the color you have in mind. These are two YouTube videos, but if you are just wanting some quick inspo, keep scrolling for pictures.

YouTube Videos:

Two outfits for ROYGBV + Pink, White, Black, and Brown monochromatic outfits.

All pink monochrome outfits! The color I own most of is pink, so I wanted to do more outfits with it.

My Pictures and other Inspo:

Red Monochrome:

All Red, Casual Outfit - Breathing Lavender
Love this for the Spring and Summer!

Orange monochrome:

Splash News

Orange Monochrome Outfit - Breathing Lavender
Super cute for late summer or fall

Yellow monochrome:

Lelia L'Art

@cowgirlalice on Twitter

Buttercup, light yellow outfit - Breathing Lavender
Could be a really cute business casual option.

Green Monochrome:

All Green, Casual Outfit - Breathing Lavender
The cutest outfit for a spring or summer picnic.

Could not find creator, please lmk!

Could not find creator, please lmk!

Blue monochrome:

Monochrome Blue Outfit - Breathing Lavender

Instagram user CAMILA COELHO(@camilacoelho)

Monochrome Blue Outfit - Breathing Lavender
A more subtle monochromatic outfit.

Purple monochrome:

All purple, night time outfit - Breathing Lavender
Love this for going out and grabbing drinks!

Thanks for reading!

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