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August 13, 2020 Atlanta, GA, USA


I haven't had my hair professionally cut or dyed since early February. As someone who is blonde by highlights, I usually go in every 6-8 weeks. While I think this unexpected break from dying my hair has been good for it, but I've gotten so bored with how my hair looks. 

*Insert my late night decision to dye my hair rose gold.*

After making an impulse buy of the sample size rose gold color for blondes from oVertone, I knew I had to do it! In total with shipping, I paid about $20 for the sample size, shipping, and taxes. My roots are my natural color, a really dark brown, but my highlights are still at the ends. Since I really only wanted my ends to be pink, I decided to go with the original rose gold (oVertone has an option for brunettes). 

Because I was apprehensive about doing my whole head, I decided to do a test piece! Here's what everything looked like. The kit came with some recyclable gloves and the hair dye with instructions on the container. I wet my hair slightly and left the color in for 15 minutes. 

After going through that process, I decided I was okay with the results and decided to do my entire head. I hadn't dyed my own hair ever, so seeing the process made me feel better about my abilities (and the ease of the product). Here is what my hair looked like before, with and without flash.

Without Flash

With flash

The Process

I clipped my hair into four sections, splitting my hair down the middle then from the crown to behind my ear. I saturated the crap out of my ends for each section and let it sit for a little longer than the package directed - maybe 30 minutes? Once my time was up, I washed it out with cold* water. I need to mention it didn't stain my bathtub or anything of the sorts and I kept the gloves on throughout the application process. Here are my results (the next day).

*Cold water helps the color stay and minimizes damage, so keep that in mind for your hair washes going forward! 

Inside my apartment

Natural, outdoors lighting

It turned out a little more rose than gold from what I was expecting, but I really like it! Having gotten rose gold professionally, I knew the more I washed it the quicker it would fade. Colors on the red/pink spectrum wash out really easily. I liked my hair more after one or two washes because it was more subtle. If you want your hair color to last longer, wash it less and use cold water when you do wash it! Here is my hair after one wash.

Natural light, indoors, 1 wash

My Final Thoughts

I really liked the easy process oVertone provides. The formula went on easily and it didn't smell super strong. My hair didn't feel damaged at all and I slept on it wet, too. The ends that were originally more bleached/processed had a harder time getting covered. However once my hair was curled, it wasn't too obvious and added some gold back into the color. 

To forewarn you, I have a lot of hair...so much so that anytime I go somewhere new, the hairstylist always is shook at how much I have and how much it just absorbs color. If I wanted to do my whole head, I would have gotten the normal size (8 oz.) instead of just the sample size (2 oz.). Even so, a 5-6 oz. jar would have been ideal for my hair situation.

Below are some pictures taken after this blog post went up. My hair faded nicely and had a little pink tint in it about 2 weeks later (last picture). I wasn't expecting the color to stay since I wasn't maintaining it with their shampoo and conditioner and colors like rose gold wash out so quickly even if salon dyed. These last pictures are actually representative of what I had in mind/was wanting initially. 

A few washes, this picture has a filter.

3-4 Washes, slight filter

About 6 washes, no filter

After the whole process, I definitely would recommend this product to anyone wanting to change their hair up. They have a ton of natural and pastel colors for all kinds of looks. I'm really curious how the rose gold coloring for brunettes works, so if you try it out let me know! Once this rose gold washes out, I'm looking at their darker brown colors to stop having harsh roots.

Thanks for Reading!

P.s. This wasn't sponsored lol

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