Spring and Summer 2021 Trends

February 24, 2021

Spring 2021 is fast approaching, so I wanted to compile a list of SS21 trends appearing on TikTok, Pinterest, and Instagram. While nothing in women's fashion is really innovative in the sense that usually trends repeat themselves, it's still good to know what's going to be invited into our Spring and Summer 2021 wardrobes for another year. 

If you want to see more, check out my SS21 Pinterest board or Trendy Outfits for 2021 board. It will be updated daily with outfit inspiration, trending colors, and pieces to lookout for. I also made two YouTube Videos highlight spring trends and comfy outfits for this spring.

By the way, this is your friendly reminder to wear whatever you want this year. As we all know, life is short, and you may end up in an endless cycle of sweats for an entire year (hello 2020). Now-a-days events to dress up are so slim. Therefore when given the opportunity, I will be dressing as extra as I possibly can. As a result, I will not be saying that certain things are "out" because if I like it, I will still wear it and the same should go for you! It's fashion, wear whatever the f*ck makes you happy. Now, let's get to it!



Patterns: patchwork, cow, zebra, and tiger prints, marbled, screen print, big florals 

Silhouettes: Tiers, corsets, Cut Outs, baggy jeans 

Decades: Y2K, 80's, 70's 

Styles: Color blocking, pattern mixing, monochrome

Spring and Summer 2021 Trends

Colors to Look for SS21

Brown is a color that's started making an appearance in the Fall of 2020. It's popularity as a replacement for beige is growing with each season. Look for brown pieces like camisoles or flirty skirts to incorporate them into warm weather outfits. You can pair brown with lighter fabrics like linen, seersucker, or eyelet for it to make sense in the spring.

We've seen this already, but greens are going to be even bigger this year! Hold on to your sage green pieces because this color is coming back! Other shades of green to be on the look out for are mintavocado and lime. The lime doesn't necessarily need to be neon, but more of an electric shade. We're all about the food colors this year! Since Y2K fashion is coming back, I'd even be on the look out for kelly green.

We need to talk about something, and you may already know about it. Pastels are popular EVERY year. Pastel colors are lilac, butter yellow, sky blue, and pale pink. They are literally spring colors which is why it's nothing new that they make it to every spring and summer trend list. Don't go out and buy something new if you already have these colors! Personally, I'm excited to see buttercup yellow make a strong appearance again this year.

Something we haven't seen since 1980's fashion (and maybe Y2k?) is metallic pieces. That icy silver color is starting to appear more and more through cool co-ord pieces, flared and wide-leg pants. I personally don't love this for myself (I think I look best in golds), but for the trendsetters out there, this color is going to make some really dope looks. Taking it a step further to the 1970's, sparkly disco pants are also making it's return. Laini Ozark is great inspo for this style!

Laini Ozark

Laini Ozark

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Patterns for SS21

WOW! Florals are back again for women's fashion. This is certainly nothing new, but the types of florals we will be seeing more of are bold. The size of the flowers are larger and brighter in color. You'll be seeing funky colors being paired together since color blocking has also made its return.

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I never thought I'd live to see the day, but patchwork is back from the dead. This time, it's not those colorful Bermuda shorts you wore on the first day of fifth grade. It's in a bigger pattern, jean material, and typically stays within a color scheme. I'm going to let Gen Z have these and pass on the trend. I think it's cute in its reincarnation, but in the spirit of sustainable efforts, I just don't see the longevity for these. 

2021 is bringing some good things to us. Hopefully an end to the pandemic AND the return of the zebra print. I also include tiger and cow print in this since they're also animal prints. This is one of the few Y2K trends I am excited for its return! My favorite ways for zebra and cow to exist are through pants, but I love skirts and fun silky dresses just as much. If you want to be more subtle, try opting for a purse, nails, or hair clips with the print!

I'm not sure of it's official name, but I've notice a marble and screen print style from the early 2000's reappearing. I think these prints are so fun and love the ones with a lot of color in it. These pieces are going to be great layering pieces that bring together bold colors. I've seen this print return mostly in mesh tops or sassy blouses, but a dress like the one below is a total blast from the past! You can also take things easy by layering solid pieces, like a jacket, blazer, or oversized tee, above the print to tone it down.


Styles for SS21

Color blocking is going to be huge once again! This is where you pair two to three colors together. Typically, the colors are contrasting on the color wheel (think purple and yellow or orange and blue). However, many people will do any bright solids together as long as it looks good. As you see below, I like to do a color that I can find in a pattern or layer then pair something I couldn't find in the pattern to make the outfit make sense but still partake. 

Pattern mixing might just be coming back in this new year. It's still a little iffy on whether it will be as big as color blocking, but I see it here and there. My biggest tip for making pattern mixing easy is to keep it simple. Try going for a smaller/tighter pattern then pairing it with a large pattern that has similar colors. 

Image Source: Getty / Christian Vierig

Image Source: Style Du Monde

Monochromatic outfits are making their appearance once again! This is where you wear one color for an entire outfit. If you are needing inspiration, here is a YouTube video were I style every color of the rainbow plus pink, white, black, and brown!

Silhouettes to Lookout for in SS21

Corsets have made a comeback and I think part of that relates to the romantic Netflix series known as Bridgerton. If you haven't watched it yet, I suggest you do. Corsets have the ability to snatch your waist and completely elevate any outfit. If you aren't comfortable exposing that much skin, many people have been layering them over white button down shirts.

I love the baggy jeans trend. It seems so comfortable and easy! The "Zara Jeans" are what I credit to this silhouette taking off and they are here to stay for at least 2-3 years. Give your skinny jeans a break and let your legs air out a little! 5 love looks with a girly top and loose jeans to play with the body's shape, but I also respect a baggy jeans and sweatshirt kind of day.

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Thanks for reading!

Be sure to check out my other posts and YouTube video on a Spring Haul and discussing the trends even more!


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