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September 7, 2022 Atlanta, GA, USA

Look, I'm going to be real with you. Do you like the Birkenstock clogs are do you like being trendy? There's no judgement here, but give some thought to that question. If you do like them, did you wear them in middle school like every other Gen Z, millennial, or Zilennial? Because maybe it's the nostalgia that brought them back or maybe it's the coastal grandma girls in the north east who never stopped wearing them. Either way, they're going to be here for at least two years.  

Here are the Clogs in question

While you're deciding on if clogs are really that cute, I'll give you some inspiration to help with the decision. Personally, I've always been a fan of heeled clogs and mules, so the Birkenstock clogs aren't too far off. Will I be purchasing them? No, but I can use shoes I already own to recreate a similar affect with the outfit.

Sourced from Steal the Look

An aesthetic that can help inspire you are coastal grandma looks. When I did my sourcing, I noticed some overlap between the two. Typically an oversized button down is involved with some relaxed pants. For coastal grandma, the three outfits below feels relevant.

Sourced from The Zoe Report

Sourced from Brunettes Have More Fun

Sourced from Elisa Chemi

Personally, I love the simplicity of the two looks below. If I were styling them myself, I would have gone for a tall boot or strappy sandal. However, both of those options are expected. When you chose an unexpected shoe for an outfit, it draws the eye in.

Sourced from The Zoe Report

Leather pieces have really shined for the last 4 years, although they have been around forever. Use your leather blazer, trench, or jacket for a mix of textures! Simple but classic pieces combined with the clogs can make for a timeless look. This is a great clean girl aesthetic example.

Sourced from Elisa Chemi

This is such a good outfit for using what you have. Since overalls are a classic silhouette, many of you likely have a version of them. With the basic white tank top also being classic, you can easily make many renditions of the look below!

Sourced from Miami Mercantile

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