2021 Holiday Gift Ideas

November 28, 2021

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It's that time of the year again! Thanksgiving festivities have passed, the pumpkins are starting to decompose, temperatures are dropping and our belts tight. If you are like me, you'll want to get a good jump on purchasing holiday gifts  This year, I really wanted to provide an all inclusive list for the holidays coming up. Instead of breaking gifts down by men or women, I just included everything for reader to pick an chose from since a good bit of these gifts can be for anyone!

Everything is broken up by price point going from under $25 to over $200 since we all have a budget in mind! I imagine if you are providing the majority of a person's gifts this holiday, a lot of these items could be mix and match from all of the categories. Many of them are great stand alones, though, so there are options for all levels of gifting. All items from small businesses will be marked as such, "Small Business." There is a good blend of large and small businesses. If you are looking to support only local or small, simply use this guide for ideas and look for the products at your choice stores. 

$25 and Under

Shade is "Happy"

Price $20

Created by Selena Gomez, Rare Beauty has rave reviews. This super pigmented blush will last forever and comes in many shades either in a dewy or matte finish. three more sentences

Inspired by Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle

Price $29

I have a couple of Dossier perfumes and they last all day! I had a collaboration with them a while back, but I recommend them all the time. I always get complimented on how good I smell hours after I apply the perfume, which never happens with my nicer ones. This was my code from the collaboration, Victoria_10, not sure if it still works but see if it saves you some $$! I don't get any money from it FYI.

Double Wall Mugs by JoyJolt
Price $17

This style of mugs has been trendy for about the past year. Pairing these cute mugs with a monthly coffee subscription (I've tried bean box), hot chocolate, or a coffee maker would be an exciting gift. I like this idea for someone you don't necessarily know that well but know you will need to get them a gift!
Price $27
Small Business Sellers

I am well aware these area little over $25 but it's not so far off. Trucker hats have come back from the dead and are super popular right now. I have a black one and surprisingly wear it a ton. They are great for someone who spends a lot time outside, love beer, or are into 2000s fashion.

Price $26
Small Business

I met the creator at a local shopper's mart and immediately knew I'd be a recurring customer. She was so delightful and had such fun designs! I love funky earrings and love that these add a great pop of color. They are super light weight and would look great on any fashionista. 
Price $24.96

This is a fun gift to give someone who loves taking pictures "for the mems." I loved having disposables for the summer and will cherish all of my pictures! This is inexpensive and can be paired with a small gift card or cute sunglasses.

Comes in many colors

Price $17.99

You have probably seen these slippers at least once online. I have to admit, I bought these back in May and thought I was unique and artsy for finding them. Did not realize they were viral on TikTok, and I am, in fact, not original. That being said, I really love these slippers! They are an inexpensive and thoughtful gift for all the cozy vibes. Try pairing them with a locally made candle or coffee gift card. 

This style is "Wavey"
Price $19
Small Business

Press on nails are a huge hit right now. As someone who doesn't love getting my nails done, I use glue on nails for important events or to feel a little extra made up. I first heard of Klaw Beauty on TikTok. I believe it is one person who designs, creates, and packages all of the products. I have one pair from them but have yet to try them!

Under $50

Price $30

Frasier Sterling has funky, trendy, jewelry. I suggest checking out their website to mix and match this ring with others that match their style. Frasier Sterling is female founded and designed out of LA. I'm not sure how large the company is now, so I won't put it as a small business!

Price $32
Small Business

Raw & Rebellious was founded by a student at Auburn University. Her jewelry quickly took off and she has stayed popular with the ever changing trends. She has a lot of options to layer this necklace with, but I really love the idea of this being a stand alone accessory for a simple statement. 

Price $32 for 8.5 oz

Okay you may have seen this candle before. Its scent is, "Boy Smells," and we all know those are the best candle smells. It's inspired by New York with notes of black currant, peach blossom, jasmine rice, Asian pear, coconut, cardamom and white cedar.

Price $32

I love a good face mask. I am always on the hunt for new skincare products and always love suggestions. This mask is for dry, sensitive & eczema-prone skin. In the caption of the picture, I linked Topicals's website for more options depending on skin type and products!

Price $26.99

Many gifts are centered around coffee during the holidays. As someone who loves tea, I wanted to put some representation out there. If you want to give more than just the kettle, I suggest the double lined mugs featured in this post. Another addition could be a tea variety pack.

All Too Well Sweatshirt by GhostlyScene
Price $28-32
Small Business

Chances are you probably know someone who is deeply obsessed with Taylor Swift. This was a huge year for the artist, so commemorate it for the fan in your life. I like that this sweatshirt is subtle and it's vibrant design is so fun! 

Under $100

Price ~$60 USD 

Damson Madder is a really cool, sustainable brand based out of London. They have sweatshirts with fun designs on them, fun printed pieces, and some classic styles for everyone's taste. I love a cute shopper bag and think it would be fun to put other gifts inside.
Price $90

I have a pair of sage and white daybreaks and get SO many compliments on them! They are really comfortable and easy to pair. Some colors are lower than $90, so make sure to look at all options and check out other websites besides Nike to save a little more. 
Price $100

As of 11/28 these shoes aren't released yet, but I think they look so cool. They could be a great option for a boyfriend or brother but I could totally see these being unisex, so go for it for the women in your life, too!
Price $73

Treat the bearded man in your life to some products specially designed to hydrate, nourish, and help with beard growth. My boyfriend uses beard products and it smells SO good all the time. His beard is significantly softer which is nice when my face brushes across it. 
Price $60

Casetify has some cool phone case designs. I have 3, and they are all extremely protective and awesome quality! They might seem a little pricey, but they really are worth the price. If this style isn't necessarily one you have in mind for a gift, I suggest checking out their website for a design that best suits the person you are gifting. 

Price $64
Small Business

Do you have a powerful woman in your life? Gift her a sweater that lets everyone know. Dressed in LaLa has the cutest pieces for all occasions. I love that it's female owned and designed! There are a lot of t-shirts and sweaters with uplifting mantras on them.  

Price $73.28
Small Business

Do you have someone in your life that's really into astrology? I love the idea of gifting them a personalized gift such as this book. There are over 40 pages of birth horoscope interpretations in this book. The book's hardcover is customizable with the name and you can add a personal message that will be printed on the first page inside the book. With over 200 five-star raving reviews; I can totally see why!

Price $100

I'll be the first to admit, I always thought UGGs were overpriced. I still kind of think that and believe there are great dupes out there. However, I've heard good things about these and I know some of you swear by the brand, so I thought to include this. 
Price $55

I love this style for just about anyone. It's a classic look that fits men or women's face shapes and could work on any age. Since nicer sunglasses can get pretty pricey, Quay is a great option for affordable and fashionable.

Lev Necklace by Ana Luisa
Price $59

This puff heart necklace is the perfect little dainty piece. I love the idea of gifting a best friend this necklace because of how sweet it looks. Ana Luisa is a sustainable brand who recycles gold for their pieces. I have a code with them, "breathinglavender10" for you to save 10% on their items. I would not promote them if I weren't a customer myself! Their jewelry are my staples.

Under $200

Price $175
Small Business

Gift a matching set of wine glasses and bottle of wine to someone who needs them (aka everyone). I love this idea for someone who recently bought a house or found a new apartment. There's always something so special about using a wine glass specifically picked out for you. 

Price $159.99

Believe it or not, not everyone has an air fryer yet! These are known for their convenience, especially for households that are full time employees. This is the pricing for a family sized air fryer, but check out the website for smaller styles. Ninja also offers a lot of great products such as blenders, coffee makers, and ice cream makers.
Chuck Taylor All Star Lugged Winter 2.0
Price $110

Converse has been killing it lately. Their platform Chuck Taylors are so comfortable and add a great cute casual vibe to any look. These are designed for women, but check out their other styles for the men in your life! 

Price $189 for Medium

Look,  whether it's for work or travel, everyone needs a good backpack. I love the color of this one because it goes with almost any outfit. This style holds a 13" laptop (Large holds up to 16" and is $200), is water resistant, and created with recycled water bottles. 

Forest Rancher by Lack of Colour
Price $129

This is cute idea for someone who is into fashion. This shape looks great on women or men and comes in 16 colors. I chose green because of the season, but there are awesome neutrals and more funky colors depending on their style. 

Price $110
Small Business

Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese skincare practice that helps with lymphatic drainage- AKA it snatches your face. I practice Gua Sha a few times a week and it is not only great for my skin, but it is also an act of self care. There are a lot of options online, but I believe in supporting this Asian and female owned brand. 

Price $118

Fun fact, this brand is pronounced "base." Owned by Shea Mitchell, Beis offers a variety of classic lifestyle and travel items. I own this work tote and absolutely love it. It has all the right compartments AND offers a sleeve to slide onto my rolling carry on for work travel. They offer some awesome staple pieces to class up anyone's style. Before you check out, try googling for a code. I've always been able to find at least a 15% off code. 

$200 and Above

Price $249.99

These are kind of a basic gift, but they are a great idea for someone who is working from home! Gift someone an upgrade from their old AirPods or from their wired headphones. 

Price $395

This cookware set has over 13k five-star reviews and comes in 6 different colors. As someone who cooks, I would LOVE this set. When I have a bigger kitchen, I will 100% be buying myself this set as a gift. I'm obsessed with the cream and green colors but love that there is a variety to match anyone's kitchen vibe. 

Price $349.99

I personally have a Garmin, and it is great! This gift can be for anyone who is active and wants to track it. The Garmin does not hook up to iPhones for texting, but iPhone users are able to view/receive their text and call notifications. I prefer the Garmin to the Fitbit, it is a major upgrade in terms of quality and customization options. 

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!

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