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March 7, 2022

Twee fashion had a hold on me in high school. At the time, I didn't know it had a name, but peter pan collars with a circle skirt were my sh*t. When I heard it's making a comeback, I was too excited. My high school years was during the rise of Zooey Deschanel, who in my opinion, is the definition of Twee. So...what is it?

The Breakdown

Twee is a micro-trend/style from the Y2K fashion/Tumblr era that focuses on collars, colors, fun silhouettes, and feminine style. It's quirky, adorable, 60's mod, and a bit preppy. If you've watched New Girl - think about how Jess dresses. She wore fun prints, big dresses, and the classic black glasses for that nerdy cute girl aesthetic. 

What to look for in the modernized version of the trend

  • Necklines: Big Collars, Mocknecks, Bows at the Neck, Ruffles
  • Colors: Bright, bold colors and Quirky Patterns
  • Silhouettes: A-Line Dresses, Fit and Flare, Circle Skirts
  • Shoes: Mary Janes, Sleek or Chunky Loafers, Oxfords

Where to Shop for Twee
  • ModCloth
  • Lisa Says Gah
  • ASOS
  • Lazy Oaf
  • Free People/Anthropology
  • Second Hand - Twee is every where on Poshmark and at thrift stores
  • Your own closet - More on this below
Keywords for online shopping: patterned tights, colorful tights, polka dot, frilly collar, big collar, a-line, fit and flare, circle skirt, mary jane, loafers, ballet flats, peter pan, mod, poplin, printed dress, pilgrim collar, beret, bowler hat

From steffy's pros + cons

Using what you have/Inspo

I wanted to add this section because the reality is, not everyone can afford to buy a new trend every time it emerges. I still lean toward this trend in my every day dressing, so I took a look at my closet and came up with a few trends from 2020/2021 that could translate well into the Twee Aesthetic.
  • Loafers with Frilly socks or printed tights
  • Pair your colorful cardigans with a fuller skirt or break out your old skinny jeans
  • Wear your favorite button down under a bold printed dress
  • If you have a color matching set, wear it with a headband and feminine purse

Lazy Oaf Golden Years Check Tights

Who is Twee for?

Historically, the trend did not seem welcoming or apparent to all. There is criticism on the Twee aesthetic for its inherent "whiteness" to it. I'd agree - most of the celebrated Twee icons are white and additionally, they're thin. 

I'm curious to see how this changes in the modernization of the trend. I'd like to think we've come along way in inclusivity for both sizing and diversity (although there are still a ton of improvements to be made). Currently in my research, I still have yet to see much diversity in the aesthetic on TikTok or Pinterest. As the trend rolls out more, I'd love to update this post with creators of all backgrounds and their take on Twee outfits. 

Zooey Deschanel, Taylor Swift (2011-2013), @Evelilythrifts on Tiktok, @KeikoLynn on Tiktok,  @ricespicemag on Tiktok, @vintage.glamour.mama on Tiktok

Taken from EvelilyCP

Taken from EvelilyCP

Thanks for being here and reading about this trend - You are so loved. :)

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