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July 13, 2022

I can't lie...I have the travel bug BAD. Watching everyone enjoy their hot girl summer in Italy and Greece has me dying over here. To use my pent up travel energy for good, I decided to curate some cute, summery outfit ideas for those of you are are traveling to tropical, beautiful places. 

Since I'm not going on a trip, I picked a few common activities to use for inspiration and to capture a vibe. I always think of summers in Italy as being breezy, romantic, and soft. Each outfit had those keywords in mind which means there are a good bit of dresses involved. I just find them to be so easy when traveling because you don't have to pack as many pieces to make a statement. 

Let's talk about price points that are featured. I, for some reason, have been entertaining a little high prices now that I am older. This doesn't mean you need to or that you can't mix and match. Typically, I pick 1-2 new pieces to purchase and pack with my pre-owned pieces. Everything featured in today's post is below $200 and many pieces likely have dupes or similars floating around on the internet. 

Daytime Plans

Exploring the City: Top $159, Skirt $70, Sandals $25, Tote $35, Scarf $30

Wine Tasting: White Dress $150, Sailor Purse $58, Sandals $129, Bow $28
Beachside Drinks: Crochet Top $99, Crochet Skirt $129, Sandals $77, Sailor Purse $58,Necklace $50

Beach Day: Button Down $50, Bikini Top $18, Bikini Bottoms $13, Denim Shorts $140, Sandals $77, Tote $35

Evening Plans

Romantic Dinner: Floral Linen Dress $129, Sandals $129, Purse $36
Casual Dinner: Dress $50, Sandals $25, Purse $36

A Night Out: Dress $95, Sandals $129, Purse $36, Scarf $30

Safe travels and thank you for reading!!

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