Outfits I'm Loving for Spring and Summer | Trendy Items for Summer

April 11, 2024


We have to talk about outfits I am seeing (AND LOVING) for spring and summer 2024. Whether it's gingham shorts or pops of cherry red, the girls are not coming to play as the weather heats up. 

Give Me Gingham Everything

Gingham is such a classic print and it is EVERYWHERE as of lately. The two colors I am seeing the most? Cherry red and the classic baby blue. The best way to style this print is to play with proportions and dress it up so it doesn't look like boxers or pajama pants!

Denim Vests and the Wild West

If you've frequented my blog you'll know I like to point out that not "new trend" is really new. Fashion repeats itself and the denim vest is here to stay. What does change is how you style the trendy pieces and maybe the cuts of them. Wild west motifs like all denim outfits (i.e Canadian Tuxedo, anyone?) and vests with white flowy shirts have been popping up more and more this spring and summer.

With a Cherry on Top?

Red is such a bold color. I hate to admit it, but it looks HORRIBLE on my muted coloring, but I still love it (and have been buying it forever). If you're like me, a full red outfit might look a little overpowering, so try to opt for accessories or bottoms that are in this stunning statement.

None of these photos are mine. As always if you recognize a creator, please let me know! 


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