Leopard Lovin

December 12, 2018


 This outfit is all about having a free spirit, some grunge undertones, and staying warm! If you are going for an edgy look, use bold pieces that have some distressed aspects to it. Graphic tees (like this one from Life Clothing Company) are so versatile in anyone's closet no matter the style.

I chose chunky booties with a gold detail on the toe for some shine then paired it with a graphic tee -which provided color to the dark outfit. Tying in some distressed jeans and a bold printed jacket is really on trend right now. In addition, I chose to keep the jewelry to a minimum with my "yawn" necklace, the gold in the boots, and some gold in my belt. I did this because the outfit already had a lot going on and I felt as though chunky jewelry would make it look busy.

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