Brew's and Boo's

February 10, 2019


4 days until Valentine's Day!
Today's look is for the super casual couple who nod to the holiday, but don't go all out for their plans.

I picture this relaxed outfit at a brewery sipping some craft beer with all of the other hipsters who do not really care about Valentine's Day. Pair this cold shoulder top with your favorite light or dark wash jeans and some cute booties and you're good to go! If this night sounds ideal to you, I suggest going to Ormsby's to get some great drinks and games or go to Monday Night Garage for a great atmosphere. 

My top is at least 2 years old, but you can find this style almost anywhere. My paperboy hat is from Target for only $10. Not going to lie, I've always loved these hats but hated them on myself. After these hats have been in style for almost two years, I finally found one that 1. looks decent on me and 2. fits my big head. It is so versatile and adds a great earth tone to the millennial blush top.

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