Galentines Outfit

February 9, 2019


Valentine's Day is right around the corner... what are you wearing?
While I think its a little over-commercialized and a little dumb, the idea of a day dedicated to love really pulls the heart strings for a romantic like me. I have never felt a huge urge to have crazy plans for this day simply because the people in my life constantly remind me of their love and I hope I do the same for them. 

That being said I do love a good outfit and a reason to get dressed up.

For a year, my boyfriend and I were in a long distance relationship. Instead of feeling sad or sorry for myself, I celebrated my first Galentine's Day with my roomie and our friend. We got sushi and took Polaroid pictures on the couch in our dorm room. It is by far one of my favorite memories from Freshman year.

 Despite no longer being in a long distance relationship, I still love celebrating Galentine's Day with my bestie girls. Since I am all about a good theme, I decided my outfits for the next five days until Valentine's Day will always have some pink or red in it. 

Pairing a flowy red top with plaid bell bottoms sends all the modern 70's vibes, which is perfect for a sushi date, movie night, or shopping day with your best friends. Add some gold or silver earrings and a fun pair of shoes and you're ready to go!

Tomorrow's outfit is for the casual couple who does not need a lot of fuss to celebrate their relationship. Check back again at the same time!

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