Czech Mate

July 6, 2019

June 7th-June 10th
Prague, Czechia

Let me start off by saying Prague was my FAVORITE city that we visited. We stayed in an AirBnb again, and our host was lovely! The location was off the main area, but maybe a 5-10 minute walk to everywhere we wanted to go. The city was so walk-able and offered scenery beyond any views we had seen before. This is the city that we had the least amount of plans set aside, but it ended up working out well for us.

During WW2, Prague was one of the few cities to not get bombed. This means all of its original architecture was still in tact, which just added to the scenery. We walked nearly the entire city throughout our short stay and it ranged from old town vibes to beautiful water scenery.

We had a lot of unplanned plans which meant we knew we wanted to visit a lot of the basic attractions, but didn't know how much anything cost or how to get there. Needless to say, you can walk just about the entire old part of the city throughout the day. It's a lot of walking, but provides the best experience. We crossed Charles Bridge multiple times, we saw the astronomical clock, and the castle all in one day without really setting time aside for each attraction. I will say, Prague is extremely tourist-y, so going to these attractions in the morning is best for avoiding mass crowds. 

On Saturdays, there is a big market that has a lot of fresh produce and foods. Nick and I weren't sure where it was, but had a general idea. We walked alongside the river looking for it, but there was a rowing competition going on so the market got moved. We were set on going and eventually started following people with re-usable bags. Eventually we found it, and it was so worth the time it took. We had two huge pieces of toast with two different pestos on each side, an insanely long sausage that we split, two pastries each, and fresh juice for under $15. We were full for hours!

The one plans we had set prior to coming was a food tour. We did it with Taste of Prague. Our host was Martin. Although the initial cost may seem a little pricey, we got PLENTY of food and actually had a good bit of alcohol along with it. I definitely suggest signing up for a food tour in the beginning of your visit because it helps you decide where to eat the rest of the days. Booking with this tour also provides a foodie book of all their recommended restaurants, and they also will help you with deciding on what to do depending on your preferences. We truly enjoyed the tour and the group size was perfect! There were 8 people in the group, and surprisingly there were a lot of single travellers. It's a great way to get some interaction with other people in a stress-free environment.

FOOD in Prague

Cafe Savoy
What we got: Savoy Sampler

Notes: Wow. This place was recommended by many people and now we know why! This is one of the nicer restaurants in Prague, and it has a great atmosphere as well as a very attentive staff (for Europe, not by American standards). With a great location near many main parts of Prague, it made sense to try it out.

The sampler came with spätzle, braised red cabbage, and three proteins. They were rabbit, quail, and ham. Each were so good and tasted uniquely different. In addition to our entrees, I got a non-alcoholic homemade lemonade, and Nick ordered a beer. We also ordered two desserts and the entire meal was under $50.

Savoy sampler, it did not last very long.

What we got:

Notes: Wow pt.2. We got a recommendation from our foodie tour guide, Martin to come here because the butcher shop he works at sources some of their products to them. I have to say, Nick and I were a little intimidated when we arrived. There is a buffet part where you can order or a butcher side where you can pick your meats from. Naturally, we did both. Once you sit down, your waiter brings you a ticket and you bring it to either counter. From there, you order your meats and sides and the cashier will mark what you got. We had an insane amount of food and were guessing how much the meal was going to be. We thought it was easily going to be close to $100, but we ended up only spending about $54.

$54 USD

One thing I need to mention is there are a lot of tourist trap resturants in Prague. Nick and I waited until last minute to pick a restaurant and ended up at a really average place, Cafe Lourve. Be careful of visiting places with an insane amount of reviews and places that are located in really crowded areas. That's why it's always better to have an idea of where you're wanting to eat and make reservations ahead of time. We were hangry and desperate and wasted a meal there.

I already want to go back to Prague. Our food tour guide suggested coming in the winter because there are less people there (probably because it's so cold) and you are able to visit a lot of the attractions easier. Our three-day stay was plenty of time, but if you are wanting to stay longer, I suggest venturing out to other neighborhoods or towns for day trips.

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