Creating a Work Wardrobe

September 5, 2019

Creating a Work Wardrobe

For those of you nearing the end of college, you have either are going to have an internship or you're going to start working in the eminent future. While some of this can be exciting, another component that can be stressful is figuring out how to build up your business casual or professional wardrobe.

If you have started to look for work clothes, you know that they aren't very affordable. At the end of the day, you are going to have to repeat pieces in your closet. This is why it's so important to start out with items that can be rotated throughout the week or month.

I got this skirt for $4 from Ann Taylor!

What you need to start:

3 Pants (Black, gray, navy)
2 Skirts (1 midi and 1 knee-length pencil)
5 Shirts (2 Solid blouses, 3 printed blouses)
3 Pairs of shoes (flats, mules, short heels)
1 Cardigan (Neutral color)

Keep Things (business) Casual

Ann Taylor / Loft
Most of the staples talked about above were purchased from Loft or the Ann Taylor Outlet. There are almost always deals at these stores; to put it into perspective of how good of a deal Loft tends to offer, I've gotten work pants for as low as $4 from there before. Plus, you can get items shipped to your house if your size isn't available at the location. The trick is to check their clearance and items that look out of season because they are especially marked lower than regular clearance. By doing this, you can slowly start building a wardrobe for the following season at a lower price.

 This past weekend, I was able to buy two classic dresses, a leopard midi skirt, a long sleeve sweater, a short sleeve sweater, and a wrap top all for $119 at 60% off the lowest price. This may sounds like a lot of money, but when you put it into perspective, the two dresses for full price would have cost about $140. This deal was at a regular Loft store; the outlets for both Loft and Ann Taylor provide a lot of different deals and clothes, too.

TJ Maxx
My best friend and I refer to this place as the motherland. TJ Maxx is the root of our friendship and our closets. While sometimes this store can be a hit or miss, I love getting my basics here. On the same shopping trip as my Loft haul, I was able to pick up a black wrap top for $9.99, a rusted red short sleeve turtleneck for $4.99, and a pair of snake skin flats for $24.99. These are items I know I will get my use out of because they are basic staples that can be worn with just about anything.

If you know me or read my blog, you know I am obsessed with ASOS. I love the options it provides from sizes (Plus, Petite, Tall, Maternity) to prices (Market Place, constant sales, splurge items). ASOS is great for getting trendier fashion items such as paper bag pants, mules, and patterns that are popular. There are thousands of styles, and if you are looking for something specific, typing it in the search bar will give you access to options from various brands and varieties. My favorite ASOS work purchases weren't on the cheap side like TJ Maxx or Loft, but I have definitely gotten my use out of them. They were are a pair of paper bag pants ($30), a free people maxi dress ($87 definitely a splurge), and my pink stripe linen blazer ($41). Their shipping is really quick, so it's great for building your wardrobe and getting those last minute buys before an event.

P.s. The great thing about ASOS is that if something is out of stock, there is a "similar items" section below the unavailable item.

Final Thoughts
Something to keep in mind is it can't hurt to begin building your work wardrobe before you have a job. This way, the cost is broken up over time rather than depleting your bank account at once. Plus, you can keep an eye out for deals over the course of the year rather than paying full price for needing something immediately.

To get the best deals, it definitely takes a little bit of perusing the clearance sections of your favorite stores. If the wallet is super tight, always check out your local outlet stores, borrow your bestie's clothes, or shop thrift stores for some great second hand business clothing. Hope this helps you all save a little bit of money while not compromising your style.

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