Valentine's Day Inspiration

February 9, 2020

Valentine's Day Outfit, Make Up and Hair Inspiration

I wore tortoise shell earrings for pattern mixing and extra shine.
This also works with black and white patterned, pale pink, leopard, or simple gold hoop earrings.

I love the mixture of textures this outfit has. The silky shirt with denim and leather shoes coordinates just right to provide a sleek look for Valentine's Day. This outfit can be dressed up with some nude, red, or black heels or change the vibe to edgier and wear leather leggings instead of jeans. For those of you in colder weather, a black or white leather jacket would go perfectly with this ensemble.

This outfit is a sure confidence booster. A silky bodysuit on a night out is one of my favorite things to wear. I paired the bodysuit with some stretchy pants because I hate wearing multiple tight pieces at once.  I left my hair down and natural, but it would be cute with slick straight hair. Pair this outfit with your favaorite gold or silver layered necklaces and hoop earrings to tie everything together.

This is more for my readers (lol) who love girlier outfits. Get into the Valentine's Day mood by wearing a bright pink cozy sweater. Pairing with black and white is so easy and really allows you to play with colors. I love this outfit for dinner plans or brunch with your Galentines.

Be bold! That's exactly what this outfit says (literally my shirt says "be bold..."). Playing around with different colors in your closet can provide an unlikely but magical color combination. Some people are intimidated by this, but I can really help you get more use/outfits out of your bolder pieces. 

Sporty, comfy, low key. This simple outfit is so easy and effortless. I recently have been getting into pairing sneakers with outfits, and I'm loving it! This is a safe way to pair them, plus it's great if your plans include something outside/on your feet. If you decide to go with an outfit like this one, an oversized leather jacket or chic trench coat over it can dress it up a little more to your liking. 

Make Up and Hair Inspo

Bad hair day? Wear a hat. Want to feel trendy? Wear a hat.
They are the perfect way to elevate any outfit!
Get an oversized scrunchie and slick your hair back for a quick hairstyle that shows off your face.
If you have bangs like me, you can either let them loose or pin them back for a cleaner look. 
Add loose curls and pin one side back behind your ear.
It frames your face and takes about 5-10 minutes to finish.

A red lip with a simple eye makes for an effortless V Day vide.

Another simple hair style. Use second day curls and pull back into a ponytail.
Pull forward some face framing pieces and you're all set!

Check back later this week for date night ideas!

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