Spring 2020 Trends

April 16, 2020

Spring 2020 Fashion Trends

Happy Spring 2020!! We are all on quarantine, but you can still search for inspiration and hope to have plans at some point. Even if spring ends up getting cancelled, these trends will flow into summer just as well. Hopefully by the summer we can return to some normalcy (I.e Stay at home).

In light of sustainability, I want to highlight that you can find many trends in thrift or consignment stores. With flashbacks of the past like puffy sleeves and classics like polka dots, it can be really easy to look through your local thrift or vintage stores to find original pieces. Poshmark has also been a great resource lately as it is easy to look up your favored trend, color, brand, or store and shop from there.

There are a lot of other trends for this season, but the ones listed below are my favorites! I linked all the articles (bottom) I referenced for more pictures and unmentioned trends. 

If you are here in 2021, here is my latest article for Spring and Summer 2021 Trends!

Colors for Spring:

Buttercup Yellow

Sage or Mint Green

Scarlet Red

 Blush Pink

Pale or Faded Blue


Polka Dots

This is a timeless print that won't go out of style, although its popularity tends to spike every few years. If you are wanting to minimize your shopping, but want something very on-trend, I suggest polka dots. You can find this print in new pieces or vintage just about anywhere. It's a great staple for any closet!

Hat - Rose Rancher by Lack of Colour
Top - Goodwill
Shorts - Levi 501
Shoes - Matisse (Black Astros) 

Dress - ASOS Overall Dress
Top - Goodwill
Shoes - Nike Air Max's
Dress - Modcloth
Purse - Kate Spade
Scarf - Forever 21
Heels - ASOS (Basic Nude heels)

Top - Goodwill (Polka dot) +
Urban Outfitters Out From Under Bra top (Blue)
Shorts - Levi 501
Hair Scrunchie - Free People

Top - Goodwill
Skirt - ASOS Silk Skirt
Shoes - TJ Maxx

Puffy Sleeves

I love fun sleeves, so this was a trend I went full send. This trend can be found at vintage shops with puffy dresses or shirts. If you are crafty or have an alterations person, find a dress you like the pattern of and get it hemmed into a more modern dress length or shirt. You could even make it a two piece outfit depending on the piece. I am not that crafty, so I opted for new pieces. 

Top - Olive + Pine (Located in Blue Ridge)
Jeans - Stradivarius from ASOS
Shoes - Old Sandals from TJ Maxx
Bag - TJ Maxx
Earrings - TJ Maxx

Dress - Zara bought on Poshmark
Shoes - Matisse "Xander"


I hate feeling super exposed when I wear crop tops or less clothing in general. A way I combat this feeling is pairing them with more fabric (long shirts, high waisted jeans), layering under a sheer top, or a fun jacket. Bra tops come in a variety of forms, some look like literal bra's and others look like your typical crop top. 

Top - Urban Outfitters
Skirt - Boho Bus
Belt - ASOS
Shoes - ASOS (Espadrille platforms) 

Spring Leather

I have no clue why, but something about this trend is so exciting to me. Wearing leather in the spring can be hot, so opt for lighter colors, skirts, or blazers to pop over a dress. I chose white pants for an easy way to pair just about any top with it. If you have a black leather skirt or jacket, pair it with a pattern or color typically found in spring. Eyelet is a great warm-weather fabric that adds a girly touch to the harsh leather. 

Top - Free People (Thrifted)
Pants - Fab'rik
Shoes - ASOS (Basic nude heels)

Tropical Prints

Tropical print is a sore subject right now because I would be wearing these on my beach vacation. Regardless, there are a few ways to wear this louder print. My favorite bikini this season happens to be in tropic print, and as I mentioned, it would be gorgeous at the beach. If the print is too much for you to pair, try looking into smaller pieces like a purse and play with pattern mixing.

Hat - Charming Charlie's (RIP)
Bathing Suit - Aerie
Shorts - Thrifted
Sunglasses - J. Crew
Top - UO/Out from Under Bra Top
Pants - TJ Maxx
Purse - Gifted



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