Static Nails Review

July 3, 2020

If you've been on Instagram since March, you've probably noticed ad's for reusable or pop-on manicures. As someone who rarely gets their nails done at the salon (think once a year in August), I found this to be enticing since my low maintenance self could get the look of cute nails at an affordable price. 

I decided to give into the ads and check out Static Nails. They are a reusable manicure company that offers different shapes, colors, and lengths in each manicure. They also offer nail polish and blank nails for you to paint yourself! Their prices range typically between $12 and $16. Being someone who gets annoyed easily by nails, I decided to buy one short pair for every day use and one long pair in case I was feeling boujee one day. I bought the Urban Outfitter's Collab nails for $16 and some fairly neutral nails in the shade "Toasted Sugar" for $14. Both are pictured below with links to the product.

Urban Outfitters x Static Tortoise Shell in Short

Toasted Sugar in Medium Almond

Here's the situation. These nails are super easy to put on, and I'm lowkey obsessed. The kit offers a variety of sizes to fit your nail beds to the best of it's ability. The kit also comes with a buffer/file and glue! I love it when I don't have to make multiple purchases for items to work. In other words, falsies that come with eyelash glue have my heart!

My tortoise nails lasted me about 5 days and that's with packing my things to move, cooking, doing dishes, and my strong urge to pick at my nails. If I had added more glue or been accustomed to longer nails, I think they would have lasted longer. The toasted sugar nails didn't last me super long because I got really annoyed with them. As I've said, I don't get my nails done. Having super long nails impacts my texting and ability to hold or open things, so I popped them off the next morning after putting them on. 

I think if you are accustomed to wearing long nails, the medium length or longer are great options for you. For girls like me, the short and extra short nails are the way to go, although the shorter sizes don't come in shapes like coffin or almond. Nevertheless, these nails are perfect for events or even vacation (just bring your glue for touch-ups). I think they're great for everyday use, too, especially if you're not ready to go back to the salon for your nails. The bottom line is I would 100% recommend these nails and remind you of your comfort level when making your purchase! I'm glad I bought the really long pair because they'll be cute in certain settings, but from now on, I'll be purchasing the extra short and short lengths!

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