Beach Bag Essentials

June 19, 2020

In one of my recent Instagram posts, I said how I like to pack everything two weeks in advance of my trips. I have a trip planned for the Fourth and trip is no different. I love having checklists before I go anywhere, so I compiled my favorite beach items for your (and my) easy use! Here are some essentials for the perfect day at the beach.

  1. Zebra Top - This would look so good with black bottoms, too! 

  2. Zebra Bottoms - Comes in a high waist pair for a more modest look :)

  3. Face Sun Mist - SPF 30 because we don't want skin cancer!!

  4. Ice Roller - Keep this in your cooler (see #9) to stay fresh.

  5. Water Spray - Also keep this in your cooler, it feels so good after being in the sun!

  6. Body Oil - After you go inside, rejuvenate your skin with body oil!

  7. Sunglasses - Protect your eyes and look cute. :)

  8. Nike Slides - Easy for the beach or throwing on for last minute plans.

  9. Cooler - Got this in my FabFitFun Box, such a cute little cooler!

  10. Bucket Hat - Protect your head and wear with braids for a ~trendy~ look

  11. Tumbler - This thing stays cool all day, and it's a great price!

  12. Crop Top - Love little crops like this with high waist shorts for a cute cover up look

  13. Beach Towel - Society6 has the coolest designs, you can find just about anything there!

Lists like this are great before going to the beach to make sure you aren't missing anything when the time comes to catch some sunshine. Some things on there are a given (like a swimsuit and sunscreen), but having some of those other items on the beach can prolong your needing to go back to the room. This is especially helpful if your stay isn't directly located on the water. Other fun items I love to pack are some sort of activity, like soccer or volleyball, snacks (chips, sandwiches, fruit), and a floaty for the water! What are some of your favorite items? Tell me them below in the comments!

Whether you are super prepared or over packed, having these items can make your beach day experience 10x better (that statement is research based). Thanks for reading this short & sweet post! If you liked this blog post, please feel free to share it!

*P.S. None of these links are affiliated. I just genuinely like the products and want you to know about them:)

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