SipCozy Review

September 29, 2020

    Happy Tuesday, y'all! Lately, I have been seeing SipCozy start popping up amongst the bloggers and influencers I follow. If you watch my stories, you'll know that I ordered some back in August. I originally first found out about them from a women's organization I'm in called, Atlanta Girl Gang. They had a conference and goodie bags, so SipCozy had a little promo flyer in there. I was intrigued by this product in particular because CBD is something I have been wanting to try out for my anxiety and stress. For those unfamiliar with SipCozy, it is an alcohol removed wine that contains hemp extract (CBD). Their concept is essentially to relax with a glass of wine without the hangover the next morning. It comes in one style- a grenache blend rosé. On the website it says you can taste hints of floral and citrus. It's also a gorgeous pink color, and should be served chilled. 

I agree that the taste has some floral and citrus notes. I think it tastes like a less bitter grapefruit; it wasn't sweet nor was it very strong tasting. It almost reminded me of a seltzer without the carbonation. In fact, I suggest to a blogger friend to add a tonic water or something of the sorts to make it more of a cocktail. I really enjoyed drinking it at the end of a long workday, and the bigger the glass I had, the more affects I felt - although nothing was really that strong. As someone whose stomach hurts constantly, this never bothered it! It really is an aesthetically pleasing drink, especially in my iridescent wine glasses! They have some really yummy sounding cocktails on their website too. I definitely suggest checking that out to elevate the taste of the drink, and it would be awesome for entertaining.

Overall I enjoyed this product. I do think I would rather just have a glass of wine, but if alcohol is not your thing, this is a great option. The drink itself costs $18 and you have to factor in the cost of shipping. I don't know if I will order it again because the experience just wasn't a wow factor. If it were at the store, I would probably pick it up every now and then, but I don't particularly want to pay for the extra costs of shipping. On a scale from 1-10, I would give SipCozy a 6.5 meaning it was better than average, nothing remarkable, and overall enjoyable. 

One thing I want to mention if you give them your number and wait a few days to purchase, they will send you a 15% off coupon! 

Still not sure about it? Here's their website

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