The Best Graphic Tee's and How to Wear Them!

September 18, 2020

I love graphic tee's! They are so versatile and more fun than regular t-shirts. My favorite place to go for graphic tees is Life Clothing Co. They're a brand located in California, and they have some of my all time favorite graphic tees. I wear these all the time, and I love how easily they tie and tuck. Because I love them so much, I applied to be a brand rep. My code is LAVENDERREP10 for 10% off your purchase*.

I love this tee because it has a lot of colors in the design. The yellow details in the words is what inspired me to pair it with my yellow midi dress. It's buttery soft, so it's able to tie into a knot easily and stay in place. I've had this tee for almost 3 years, and it's kept in great condition. I bought a size M for just the right amount of looseness but not swallow my body.

This tee is great for just throwing on to look effortlessly boho and cute. Take the belt and necklace off of this outfit, and that's a quick and cute cover up outfit for going to the lake or beach. 

My first pictures I took for my blog (way back in 2018) were in this tee! I love it because it doesn't look too seasonal, and I am able to wear it year round with modifications like layers. Although the shirt is gray, I wore it to add some color to my dark outfit and help my leopard jacket not look so stark. I think it did a good job of working with the black pieces but also lightening up the entire look. 

I can't even remember when I bought this graphic tee, but I wear it on a biweekly basis. Like mentioned above, these tshirts are so easy to throw on. When I want to look cute for working out, or I want to add some edgier details to a girly outfit, I always gravitate toward this tshirt. This shirt is thicker than the first one and definitely fits looser. I have a medium in this one as well, and you can tell the proportions are meant to be more oversized.

When my family goes to the cabin, we always keep things simple and casual. I loved throwing on a flannel with this tee for visiting the pumpkin patch. It was the perfect fall look! In the beginning of fall, I would wear this with those black cut off shorts I wear all the time. When the temperature gets cooler, I will just add layers. A turtle neck underneath the tee or a jean jacket over the flannel would add dimension and warmth to the look. 

I got this tee when I got the Freedom Get Lost Tee. It's a recycled white t-shirt then tie dyed by Life Clothing Co. At first I didn't love the fit because it was tighter around the bottom, but then I cropped it around the time when everyone was cropping their t-shirts. Now I love it and wear it on a consistent basis. I got a size M in this, which was great for cropping. If I left it as is, I would have preferred to size up to a L or XL. It's also on sale for $18, which I think is a great price for how trendy tie dye is right now! I paired it with a low rise jean and chunky sneakers for a 90's feel.

Some items on my wish list from Life Clothing Co:

Pink Hallie Wrap Tank 
$54 (with code)

Ying Yang Tie Dye Tee
$57.6 (with code)
Born To Be Wild Vintage Hoodie
$46.8 (with code)

Lazy Daze Vintage Tee
$34.2 (with code)

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*Disclaimer: I make 20% of your purchase in store credit.

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