Winter Outfit Inspiration

December 15, 2020 Atlanta, GA, USA


Winter is just around the corner which means you need to get your outfit game plan in order! Whether you are dressing up, going casual, or somewhere in between, I have an outfit idea for you! Here are the best winter 2020 and winter 2021 outfit ideas.

I tried to link everything I could for you, but had to link a lot of similar items. When you click "Shop Here," you are accessing a link where I have the potential to make commission depending on if you purchase through said link. You do not pay anything extra, and the commission is usually under $5. If you click items directly linked in this post, I do not make commission of of them and it's typically the exact item. Whatever you do or however you buy is your prerogative!

Sweater: Mystery Sweater bundle from Poshmark @shop.the.archive
Jeans: Zara Mom jeans (sized up to an 8)
Boots: Belk, Old (Linked Similar)

This outfit gives me Christmas vibes, but you can wear it year round! Mom jeans look awesome with a chunky cropped sweater because it plays into that 90's aesthetic. I chose cropped because I think extra fabric in a normal length top would look too bulky. The red boots add a perfect pop of color, but going for a neutral colored shoe is also a chic option. 

Hat: Anne Taylor, Old (linked similar)
Coat: J. Crew, Old (Linked Similar)
Turtleneck: Anne Taylor, Old
Pants: Belk (Linked)

Sweatshirt: Aerie originally, bought from TJ Maxx

Here you can see one outfit, two ways. The first is a lighter look with just the turtleneck and the second is a more casual look with an oversized sweatshirt. This is a great option to make any outfit warmer and more causal! I also love a hat in the winter because not only is it cute, but it's also WARM! Either outfit would be cute for Christmas, but works throughout the entire season!

Turtleneck: TJ Maxx, Old but they have a lot of similar
Overalls: ASOS, Old
Boots: H&M, Old 

I love this outfit because it's not trying too hard, but is kinda extra at the same time. To make it warmer, wear long socks underneath the OTK (over the knee) boots or do skin color tights. The reason I am not suggesting black is because it may look too harsh with the light beige boots. I love this idea for a night out, getting drinks with the girls. You could do a black leather jacket, cropped puffer jacket, a trench coat, or solid colored long shacket for your outer layer.


Sweater: ASOS (Linked, under $20!)
Everything else, Linked Similar


Simple, cute, and comfy... enough said! I layered my turtleneck with a wine/brown colored sweater. I went for a short sleeve turtleneck for this picture, but a long sleeve one works just as well. For looks like this, you want to go with a tighter fitting turtleneck so the sweater still lays right. I, then, tucked both layers into my bra for a cropped look. Pair a teddy coat over this, and long thick socks under the boots, and it's actually pretty warm! You could also do biker shorts and a spaghetti strap for another layer if you need to!

Dress: H&M (Linked Similar)
Shoes: Poshmark, @durtylaundry


This outfit and the one above will most definitely need tights if you are anywhere but the south. I think solid or translucent black tights are a great option for the plaid dress. If you're worried about being cold, I saw a trick to wear your skin color fleece leggings under the tights for an extra layer of warmth!

Blazer: Loft (Linked Similar)
Top: J. Crew (Linked Similar)
Jeans: NA-KD, sized up
Boots: NA-KD, TTS

(coming soon)

This outfit is what I like to call smart casual. Blazers can sometimes look stuffy, so adding them to a jeans outfit keeps things casual and classy. The plaid adds the perfect amount of pattern without being too much. I like to do brown when wearing shades of blue because sometimes black just looks like another blue. When you keep everything in the same color scheme, it creates a chic and synchronous outfit. 

Beanie: Nike, bought from TJX
Sweatshirt: Bought from TJX
Pants: Free People, (Linked Similar)
Shoes: Dr. Marten's (Linked)


A casual, but cute outfit for the cold days you don't feel like getting dressed. You can't go wrong with an all black look. Add as many layers underneath the sweatshirt you need, then add a long coat to elevate and warm the outfit. Simple and easy!

Coat: ASOS, A New Look
Sweatshirt: TJ Maxx
Joggers: Target (Under $20!)
Shoes: Dr. Marten's

(Coming Soon)

This outfit is super casual. A big trend right now is wearing casual pieces and layering a big coat over it to make things a little more chic. This outfit did exactly that with the sweatshirts and joggers. It was super warm for 30 degree weather and can be made warmer with layers below and another jacket in between the teddy coat and sweatshirt.

I hope you enjoyed this outfit inspiration. I am all over the place when it comes to my style/outfits and that all depends on my mood. Hopefully there's something for everyone in this post. If you enjoyed this post, please help me grow by sharing or pinning the post! I have all social media linked, so be sure to check me out there.

Thanks for reading!