The Cutest Blazer Outfits

December 23, 2020 Atlanta, GA, USA


Blazers are all the rage this year and basically every year. Whether it's a blazer + bike short style for the summer or mom jeans + a blazer, there is always a time and place for this classic piece. A blazer can be the perfect transitional piece into the next season. Some of the featured outfits would work great in the fall and winter, but could also work in the colder months of spring. Keep this in mind when you want to start wearing your spring dresses, but have winter temperatures still. 

Sometimes blazers may feel stuffy if you pair them with the wrong things. I want to show you how to keep things cute and casual while I style a blazer using current fashion trends. Working with layering and loose fitting pieces can take away from the stuffy corporate blazer feeling. 

If these jeans didn't have rips in the knees, the outfit would be a perfect casual Friday outfit. In this outfit, I chose the straight leg jeans to offset the more structured blazer. This combines really on trend jeans with a classic piece. I chose the brown bootie for a pop of color to break up the copious amounts of blue. Wearing a black bootie also suffices, but IMO, it would blend in too much. 

These are smart-chic outfits. Pairing two structured pieces like the blazer and dress or skirt together can definitely be a stuffy combination. To combat this, go with a shorter hemline. This way, it won't look like you're going into an office meeting with your boss. Since the outfit is very beige, I opted for chocolate brown square toe boots to keep within the color scheme, but add some richness. 

I love this outfit for a date night. If you are wearing a sexy top and want to cover up a little bit more, try to go with a blazer! It adds an element of class, then you have a little secret peeping through. That sounds corny, but it makes sense! When there are very basic colors in an outfit (white, denim, and black for example), add a pop of color either in your purse, belt, shoes, hair, or lipstick. This will take the outfit from being too basic to basic with a twist.  

Some may shy away from a pastel blazer because of fear of not wearing it. I understand, but I am here to tell you it's much easier to pair than you think. Since the pistachio color of the blazer is very cool toned, I wanted to add in some warmth. This is seen with the purse and boot colors. Colors like terra cotta, marsala, mauve, chocolate brown, or mustard yellow are great warm tones for this blazer. If those don't float your boat, then try jewel tones. A deep emerald, midnight blue, or forest green would look so lovely with the contrast of the blazer.

After taking pictures in this outfit, I totally realized all I needed was one of those train conductor hats, and I would look like a paper boy. Something about the leather shoes, my hair being tied back, and loose fitting jeans gives me feminine-masculine vibes. All of these manly pieces are offset by the satin cowl neck camisole. I love putting little touches like the top to soften the whole look. To make it more feminine, you could also wear your hair half-up half-down with loose curls.

I think my favorite combination might be this satin camisole, jeans, and a blazer. I didn't realize how other I wear that trinity, but it just works. Having 3 basics like that can create so many different outfits. It's all in the accessories for how to elevate it. If I could go back in time to this outfit, I would have liked to see a pattern with the yellow in it with a scarf either in my hair, on my neck, or tied to a purse. It needs just a little more something. 

Thank you for reading! 

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