Shorts in the Winter??

January 6, 2019


YES SHORTS IN THE WINTER. Luckily for me, Georgia has some pretty unpredictable weather and it is occasionally 60 degrees or even 70 in the winter. I took full advantage of a warmer winter day by wearing this corduroy skort. Since it has more material but is shorter on the leg, opting for a tighter turtleneck creates balance by both accentuating my body and covering up some skin.  
I love adding a pop of color to my outfits, so wearing these red boots were a huge bonus for me. To add some shine, I wore huge black and gold tassel earrings, which are hard to see in the picture.

Layering Tip: If you are worried about your legs getting cold, I suggest wearing some thigh high boots. I have some light tan ones that would have looked perfect with this outfit. Another warmer outfit would be to wear black tights with some sleek black booties. Both options will still show off your legs but provide some coverage when the weather is much colder. 

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