Snake Skin

January 22, 2019

This year I decided to focus on the clothes in my closet that never get worn. I love a good button down top, but this specific top has been in my closet for about 6 years, and its been worn *maybe* FOUR times.

I bought this shirt so long ago, and it was not in style at all. Now, snake skin is one of the hot prints this winter. As a result, I decided to take full advantage of this sunny day and play with accessories and layers while my shirt remains "cool."

When it's cooler weather, a long button down shirt looks great styled many different ways. Without a jacket, tying it up provides a relaxed but flattering look.

However, with winter weather reaching the low 30's in Georgia, a jacket is a must! Having the shirt tied with a cropped jacket felt too busy, so I wanted to tuck in one side to create different levels and layers. This allows the print to still stand out behind my jacket. For more warmth, always opt to wear a nude camisole underneath so your look remains in tact and you get another layer!

Not pictured, but you could also change up the outfit completely by layering the button down with a sweater. The snake print will peak through with the collar, at the wrist, and at the bottom. This is a great way to use multiple items to stay warm, but still add shape to your figure. Colors that look great with this print are: neutrals, mustard, red, mauve, and olive green.

P.S I just bought these jeans and booties, and I'm obsessed. ASOS is having major sales right now- go check it out!

Hat: Forever 21 (OLD)
Jacket: Target (NEW- $14, they are having major clearance right now!)
Top: Lotus Boutique (circa 2014, check out American Threads for some snake print items)
Jeans: Free People (NEW- $30 on ASOS)
Shoes: ASOS (NEW- $38)

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