Buying Free People on a College Budget

April 7, 2019


Happy Sunday everyone!

Today I want to talk about getting one of my favorite brands, Free People, at an affordable price. For those of you who don't know, Free People is a more expensive boho inspired brand. They are usually printed, flowy, and effortless looking. Needless to say, I am obsessed with this store. I love their romantic edge and the way they style everything. That being said, I am on a broke girl's budget. For me, buying clothing on sale feels like such an accomplishment. That's exactly how I buy my Free People- on sale.

The best time to get any store's deals is through seasons changing. For winter clothes, they will usually go on sale in late January/February. If you need a last minute coat or sweater, it is a great time to buy your clothing then. However if the weather starts warming up sooner, you can start working in some of the lighter winter pieces into transition styles (light sweaters over dresses are a great example of this). On the other hand, summer clothing typically goes on sale in late July or in August. This is not a bad option because if you're in Georgia weather, it can stay warm out until early October. A great transition outfit for summer into fall is a chunky sweater with shorts and a hat. If you have patience unlike me, there's nothing wrong with waiting until the next season to wear your new pieces as well.

Another great way to save on FP is through signing up for their emails. Through signing up for their emails, you'll get access on all the latest trends and deals going on through the Free People website itself. I also just like to stalk their website's sale section to look for good deals that way.

My favorite way to get Free People on a broke girls budget is through other stores. BelkASOS, and TJ Maxx all sell Free People.  While Belk and ASOS are typically easier to find the deals through their websites or Belks' in-store Free People section, TJ Maxx can be a little harder to find Free People deals because their stores do not carry all the same items nor can you look them up on their website.

Something I personally like to keep in mind is considering how many times I am going to wear an item, and can I get a similar item from a different brand at a lower price? For example, I bought the Penny Pull-On jeans for $58 (they are $78 in store). Typically I don't like spending that much money on one pair of jeans, but I knew that I would get my wear out of them to the point where I felt spending that amount of money was worth it. Turn the situation around and let's say I find a cute plain white tshirt from Free People. I don't find myself wanting to spend the $20+ on it because I know that I could find something for under $20 that is just as cute.

The whole point of these situations is to pretty much tell you to determine what is actually worth your hard-earned money. If you find something you love and have to have, then go for it! Doing this will not only help you appreciate your favorite items more, but it also helps you save money to buy more exciting pieces later on.

Hope these tips help you get some of your favorite Free People pieces at a more affordable price.

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