Self Care and Why It's *so* Important!

April 11, 2019


"SELF CARE is such a hot topic right now. People acknowledge that it exists, but I'm not sure people really realize why it is so important. 

Self care means a lot of different things to different people. It is so important because self care effects your mental and physical health, but you also can't take care of others if you are struggling. 

Practicing self care even when life is going well is still important because it is building a foundation of strength for the times when life isn't going all that great. If you find yourself struggling, you can revert to the things you did in good times and recenter 

Not only does practicing self care make you mentally stronger, but it also increases productivity because you realize what's important in life, helps boost self-esteem because you appreciate yourself more, and you have more to give once you feel whole. 

Find what makes your strength. Is it spending alone time? Is it going outside? Or maybe you spend time with people talking about self care. Reflect on your life and see what is important to you. Reflect on how you treat others and how others treat you. Make sure that you are intentional and that the people in your life are filled rather than drained from."

^^ My post from Positively Perkins ^^

In lieu of practicing self care, I decided to cut social media out of my life for a week. I found myself getting really down, which is not the point of social media. I'll report back on how or if it has helped me. I'm really hoping to regain some confidence in this hiatus and see what's important to me.

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