How to Style Brown

January 8, 2021

A 2021 fashion trend you will definitely be seeing for women's clothing is brown. Brown can be so versatile due to it's neutral nature, but many people shy away from it. While this color may seem intimidating, I'm going to provide a few ideas for you get started on creating outfits with it. If you scroll down, I even have some color schemes that look beautiful with brown.

Choose the Right Pieces for your Closet

If this color intimidates you, go for pieces that you find easy to style. Picking something that is already out of your comfort zone, style wise, will make pairing a color out of your comfort zone even more of a challenge. Basics are great way to eliminate any styling difficulties. For me, I have a really easy time styling sweaters or boots because of their versatility. For someone who enjoys loungewear, they could do a cool matching set or sweatshirt. The options are endless, just make sure it matches your lifestyle and existing style preferences.


The most simple way is over a white button down (like the outfit pictured above). Layering sweaters over button downs is also a 2021 trend, so why not knock out both? If you want to kick it up a notch, try a printed button down or turtleneck, like snakeskin, that has shades of brown in it (beige, tan, off white, etc. If you want to try out some brighter colors, a turtleneck layered underneath is a way to add color without fully committing to a bold combination. I have some awesome color combinations with brown listed below!


Boots are so easy to pair; Most people have brown booties already, but it's more about how you pair those that make it trendy for 2021. For my closet, I opted for this second-hand pair because they are trendy in three ways, the square toe, the shaft height, and the color! You don't have to do all trendy aspects when you are nervous to try something out. Like I mentioned previously, start with things you are comfortable with. If you know how to style short booties, then look into some booties in the chocolate color to change things up. 

Leather & Sweats

I don't have an example of this trend done by myself, but if you have no issue pairing your black leather or sweatshirt, then go for something similar in a brown version of that. Create an outfit the same way you would the black version. This is the most simple way to make this color work because it's using what you already know to work.

Colors that Pair Well with Chocolate/Browns in General

Work with similar neutral shades like tan, beige, cream, white, and blacks for an easier way to pair the colors. You could even go for a monochromatic look with a matching set or other brown shades. If you want to dip your toe into some color, earth tones like mossy or sage greens, light blues, and deep yellows look so beautiful with brown. To go for bold pairings, I love crisp orange, a mauve pink, electric blue or deep purple. Below are some examples of all the ones described!

Similar, Neutral Tones


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Muted, Earth Tones





Bold, Bright Colors







Atlantic // Pacific


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