Winter to Spring Transition Outfits

February 21, 2021 Atlanta, GA, USA

The transition from winter to spring can be intimidating because for 3 months prior, we are bundled up, but then March comes around and temperatures start rising. I love this transitional period for outfits because I'm about to wear sweaters that I didn't get around to wearing with some of my favorite pieces from my spring wardrobe.

My biggest tip is wearing your lighter colored winter pieces (like a light blue, cream, or pink sweater) and then pair it with something that would only work in spring weather - a skirt, shorts, light color jeans, or a dress. Here are some quick combinations for transitional outfits.

A sweater and flowy skirt with booties or sandals
A sweater over a shift dress with strappy heels
A blazer or jacket with a shift dress and booties
A sweater, button down top, and mini skirt with sneakers
A shacket, tank top, wide leg pants, and sandals.

The ideas are endless. Use the temperature outside to determine how thick of a winter piece you want to use. For GA, our temperature during this time literally ranges from the 40's to 70's. If you include removeable layers, this would be best! That way, you aren't freezing in the morning then drenched in sweat by the afternoon. 

If you need more, watch my YouTube video with specific ideas! In the video, there are 11 outfits shown to inspire you to make more out of your wardrobe (and not freeze or overheat while doing it).

If you are interested in seeing what's trending for 2021, here is a link to my most recent SS21 Trends post.

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