Gifts for Couples

November 8, 2020


Gifts for Couples

Couple's gifts are a great idea if you don't know what get one of the spouses or if you're more on a budget and don't want to get separate gifts for each person. Think about their lives and what sort of gifts would work best for them! 

Thoughtfully Curated Boards ($40+) | Cheese Picks ($22) | Olive Picker ($12) | 
Healthier Together Cookbook ($19) | Date Night Cookbook ($8) | Shmore boards ($65+)
Couch Print ($15) | Wedding Print ($20) | Ornament (18)

Okay. We all have the couple in our lives who love to entertain, so why not treat them with goodies like they have for us? A charcuterie board and a charcuterie board or box from Shmore boards or Thoughtfully Curated Boards are the way to go! It would be cute to pair the two with cheese knivesfondue/cheese picksmini bowls, or olive picker on the side, too. 

Cooking together or more at home is something people probably weren't anticipating for this past year. However, more couples are having to eat at home for Covid concerns. To help them from being in that cooking rut, purchase them a cookbook filled with new recipes. I own this cookbook by Liz Moody and really love it for eating more clean. It has some unique recipes, but this option is also great for a date night! To help with making the date night, get them a gift card to a grocery store near them and a bottle of wine or 6-pack.

Newly weds are still a thing in 2020. To help them commemorate their marriage, why not gift a print? I love the faceless prints that are popping up lately like ClayCustomDesign on Etsy, this wedding print, or you could do an ornament like this one! If you go with the print, go ahead and frame it! This will make it look a lot nicer and saves the couple the hassle of having to buy something else (like a kid opening a present with no batteries- you can't use it yet!).

Last Christmas, I tricked my brother and sister-in-law by asking for a few local restaurants they like to eat for me to suggest to a "friend visiting Portland." In reality, I wanted to get a bunch of gift cards to some of their favorite places so they could have dinner on me a few times! This is a great couples gift because it treats both of them to a nice meal and provides them with a date night. If you want to go further, look up some fun attractions near them and get a voucher to that. This would make the perfect date night, especially for younger couples, because it's going to be mostly free! I also like this idea for your parents. They might not be able to get out as much because of their schedules, but having their kid treat them to a date night is definitely bonus points for you!

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P.S I'm not making any money off of this, I just want to support local & small businesses. 

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