Gifts for Parents, In-Laws, or Grandparents

November 8, 2020


Gifts for Parents, In-Laws, Family Members, or Grandparents

A lot of the items that appear on the graphic also are great for just about anyone. Check out my couples gifts for more ideas for your parents, in-laws, family members, or grandparents!

Tea Blend and Honey | Milk Bar (Varies) | Herb Box ($60) | Cookbook
House Number Sign | Family Print | Charcuterie Board
Flower Arrangement ($ based on size)

Some ideas for your parents, family members, or grandparents are this sign from TheHollyHugs or a big print of your family like the one pictured from VanessaChristinne. I gave the house number sign to my mom for her birthday and she loved it! You can change the stain color, font type, and font color for a personalized gift. This is great for a new home owner, parent, or business owner. If you have a huge family, it might be cute to get everyone together for a picture or use an old picture to give to the head of the family. It's sentimental to have everyone in one spot and modern for it to be a print style. These ideas can easily work as a joint gift if you're strapped for cash, so keep that in mind, too! 

Since these two gifts aren't super personal, they are good options for your in-laws you don't know too well. I think an Herb Box for someone who likes to cook would be simple yet exciting. As a cooker myself, I love having fresh herbs to turn to for my recipes, and they will too since it's a gift that keeps giving. Milk Bar offers a variety of sweets for just about any price and occasion. It doesn't scream anything too fancy, but it is something for them to enjoy.  

To get a little more personal, but still safe, gift your parents or in-laws a virtual class. It's easy since you don't have to physically give them anything, which is perfect for people unable to see each other this holiday season. Here is a list of virtual classes that local ATL chefs and bartenders are offering. If you want to go above and beyond, you can send them the ingredients for the class or some wine to accompany their meals. 

Grandparents can be hard since they typically don't want anything. Here is a speed round of ideas for them: Matching mugs, Grandparent print, Necklace for Grandma, T-Shirt for PawPaw, Family Necklace, or Wedding Song Lyrics Sign.

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