Gifts for Hosts and Anyone Else

November 8, 2020


Gifts for Basically Anyone

There are a lot of fabulous other ideas on my couples gift guide which can be pretty generic if that's what you're needing. Hosts during the holidays put in a lot of work in preparation and during the gathering. Make sure you treat them, too! Here are some great ideas for someone you may know super well or hardly at all! 

I know some people in the world do not like drinking, and that's okay! However, for the people who do like it, the gift of alcohol is always welcomed! InBooze on Etsy has the cutest margarita mix options, and you can buy a set of marg glasses and a bottle of tequila to go along with it! The mix is sugar free and spicy which makes a great holiday party hostess gift or a great gift for someone you know likes to host. From another brand there is also a pumpkin spice option or a unique Pineapple Chipotle mix from InBooze.

Let's say the person your shopping for doesn't like drinking. Do they like coffee? Chances are it's a yes. This coffee sample pack from OldTownSpiceShop on Etsy can be a great alternative! Pair it with a cute mug that matches their style and you have an easy and affordable gift! If they have a quirkier style and like enamel pins, a coffee bean and cup like this one or this silly one would also make the gift so cute!

The flower arrangement mentioned above from JJ's Flower Shop is another cute and simple gift that's great for family or the person hosting a holiday party or the family event. It's also perfect for the situation where you don't know whether or not someone is getting you something. I suggest looking for your local florist, making one from YouTube, or checking out online flower delivery options. The gift of flowers can always be a cheerful and safe one!

The gift of sweets is also a reliable and simple gift. For Atlanta people, Gigi's Goodies is it!! Let me tell you...her ish is GOOOOD. She delivers within reason and can make just about anything! I love this for someone you don't know as well, another host's gift, or for a little gift to friends you aren't as close to. If you aren't local, Milk Bar is a great alternative. They have a plethora of sweet options and prices available for delivery!

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P.S I'm not making any money off of this, I just want to support local & small businesses. 

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