Gifts for Men

November 8, 2020


Gifts for Men

"Him" means, your boyfriend, brother, brother-in-law, dad, grandpa, step-dad....ANY DUDE! Men get their own section because they are *typically* incredibly hard to shop for during the holiday season. I tried to come up with some thoughtful and useful ideas since the men in my life usually want practical gifts or say they don't need anything. It's great that they are this way, but that gives me nothing to work with!! I like the idea of sticking to a theme. If he's into books, get him accessories that accompany books like tea, a bookmark, reading lamp, etc. This can give you more options to add on to the main gift.

Dino Socks ($15) | Cheese Socks ($12) | Blue Hoodie ($93) | Sweater ($48)
Gourmet S'Mores ($17)| Fire Starter ($29) | Green Hat ($30) | Wool Beanie ($50) | 
Leather Notes Case ($50)
Xbox Gift Card | Gamer Headphones ($110) | Catch All stand ($39) | 3D Photo Light ($45+)

Simple, Casual Gifts:

Let's start off with some solid gifts you can get just about any man. If you have a cozy dude in your life, get them some fun socks like the dinosaur or cheese ones pictured above. Not his style? No problem! Go for a classic style like this holiday inspired pack from Bombas. Every purchase you make from Bombas also means a donation is made to someone affected by homelessness. Since it's the season of giving, that's a great way to give to more than just the people in your life. They have great pieces for both men and women, so check them out! Another company doing good is One432 who made the blue hoodie in the sustainable options. I found them through Made Trade, which has shopping options like female owned, BIPOC, fair trade, sustainable, and more. This is a great resource if you are being more deliberate about your shopping choices this year. I love these options for someone you are casually dating and you aren't sure if they're getting you something or not. It can be somewhat personal but not too serious! 

Nature Gifts:

Shopping for an outdoorsy guy has a lot of potential. If he likes to camp, some higher end roasting sticks would be a purposeful gift. Since those marshmallow sticks are a little bougie, here is a more affordable version. While I was browsing on Etsy for the roasters, a gourmet s'mores came up as related items. Each kit makes 8 s'mores, and it comes in 5 different flavors. IMO, camping is best in the fall. For those cool nights, a hand knitted wool beanie would come in handy. You can customize the colors and not to worry, his head will definitely stay warm. Since staying warm came up in the conversation, a fire is a very useful tool for anyone out in the wilderness. Etsy has fire starters that you can engrave. Don't go crazy with the engraving, though. Keep it simple and just put his initials. He doesn't need and likely doesn't want his entire name on it.

So...What is the point in all of that camping stuff if he doesn't have a trip planned? You should go ahead and book him a camping trip (after confirming his availability)! If you're into the outdoorsy stuff, you can join him for some unplugged, quality time OR you can text a few of his buddies to coordinate a surprise trip for him. Camping locations vary in price depending on what you're wanting at each site, but standard campsites costs about $20-30/night. Just type in "your state nation parks" and you'll be able to see what's available to you!

Coffee Gifts:

Coffee lovers would appreciate this monthly subscription of coffee for a Christmas or other holiday gift. The prices range from $60 for 3 months to $200 for one year. If you want to physically give them something instead, these coffee samplers from Bean Box for $90 or this sampler from Le Colombe for $30 are options as well. Le Colombe has a ton of different coffees, accessories, and apparel, too if you're shopping around for some other ideas. 

If you're really trying to keep prices low, go to TJ Maxx or Home Goods and check the food section. There are always different coffees and syrups there that you could buy along with a nice mug. 

Travel Gifts:

Most people enjoy travelling. This can typically be a safe gift to give someone because even if they don't like to travel, they still need to from time to time. A personalized toiletry bag is something easy to gift and you don't have to really worry about them liking it since it's so simple. The one linked above is leather and costs $46 with initials and $38 without. If that's a little too high for your price range, here is a less expensive option. It still offers engraving, but it isn't leather and it appears to be smaller. Prices for this bag start at $18!

If he's really into travelling and experiencing new cultures, this gift is really unique. It is a Japanese snack box subscription. If he's already been to Japan, this would be even better! This may be too funky or out there for the men in your life, so a simple leather passport holder is just as good of an option. This gift might look a little lonely, so add either of the toiletry bags above or this carry-all leather envelope (on sale for $85) to make it a "set."

Another gift you could give is a scratch off poster of places all over the world. It's a fun gift that also sets a goal for the traveler. Also, it can serve as decor since I've noticed men don't typically decorate their spaces. This frame from Amazon is ideal because it leaves the poster open for him to still scratch it off, not to mention it's only $6 right now! 

Beer Gifts:

For men who like beer there are a ton of options. You could get them a $10 Kroger gift card for them to get their own assorted 6-pack or if your budget allows, you can buy them a beer subscription. The one I linked runs about $45/month for a minimum of 2 months including shipping. Here is a master list I found of all beer subscriptions for you to explore. If you decide to go with the Korger gift card option but want to get more, here are some funky beer glasses you can pair with it.

Gamer Gifts

Men who are gamers have so many options for gifts when it comes to this genre. Though this is not small business related, there is usually a newly released game that you could purchase. If that seems too risky for you, you can always pick them up an XBox, GameStop, or Steam* gift card so they can buy it themselves! If you don't want to stop at just a new game or don't know if that's the right choice, some new headphones are always a good option too! 

*According to Google, Sam's Club has a Steam $20 gift card for $18.95. 

The Guy who has everything:

If the guy you're shopping for has a simple style, I love the pictured sweater in the graphic from UpWest. It's pictured in the graphic as a sustainable option and it's under $50! I also think the word manly and leather go hand in hand, so picking up a leather good like a wallet from this little shop is another safe option. 

A gift perfect for your dad or boyfriend would be this Bluetooth custom photo lamp. I'm thinking of doing a picture of my dad and I from my brother's wedding. Since he always says he doesn't want anything, this would be a great sentimental gift to give him that isn't a repeat of anything he already has. If you already have your dad covered, a picture of you and your boyfriend would be just as cute. Realistically, you can give this to anyone, but men just happen to be the hardest to shop for and this is something different. 

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P.S I'm not making any money off of this, I just want to support local & small businesses. 

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