Gifts for Women

November 8, 2020

Gifts for Women

This could be a mentor, mama, step-mama, adoptive or birth mama, best friend, friend-enemy, sister, sister-in-law, girlfriend...basically any woman who has had a role in your life. What they have done for you goes beyond gifts, but here are some cute and creative ideas to gift this wonderful woman. The gifts provided are a majority of small and the occasional bigger businesses, as well as a mix of female and/or BIPOC owned businesses. Here is a link to my master list of gift ideas if you need more than just women.  

Lock Earrings ($20) | Old English Necklace ($32-34) | Floral Hair Clips ($9)
Coin ($26.50) and LV Necklace ($125) | Hoop Earrings ($15) and Ring ($13) | Tie Dye Beanie ($25)
Clay Earrings and Hair Clip ($15, $8) | Gold Hair Pin ($20-26) | Shorts ($29) | Purse ($45) | 
Phone Case ($25.80)

Choose Her Style:

This section is great for any woman you're shopping for. I have friends and family with a ton of different styles, so I thought this would be a fun section to shop with someone specific in mind. All you have to do is choose what you think their style is and read that section for some ideas!

Edgy & Trendy: Sweatshirt ($55) | Nike Crop ($48) | Chanel Drip Beanie ($30) | Lock Earrings ($20)
Simple & Classic: Phone Case ($26) | Gold Hair Pin ($20+) | Mama Necklace ($50+) | Simple Gold Necklace ($26)
Girly: White Earrings ($15) | Lavender Top ($28) | Floral Hair Clips ($9)

Edgy and Trendy Pieces

For your edgy or trendy styled people in your life, there are some awesome gifts out there. I love this sweatshirt (Death By Pizza) for someone with a grungy taste and love of pizza. That sweatshirt has been on my favorited items on Etsy for over two months now! It might turn out to be my gift to myself for Christmas. Other shops I love are Oatmilkvintage on Etsy (the Nike top) or ReeWorked Clothing (the Chanel beanie). They provide some really cool and unique pieces made out of reworked items. These pieces probably aren't for everyone, but your Y2K (Year 2000) loving friend would look so cool in that Nike crop top. 

Local to Atlanta, Kylee, of KN Jewels, creates super affordable and on-trend jewelry pieces. She even does custom if you have something else in mind. I got a dope chain necklace for myself from this shop, and I wear it a lot! I love her little lock earrings, which is pictured in the graphic above. She makes only a few pieces, which makes your purchase with her that much more unique and exciting!

I love the old English necklace pictured in the first graphic for more edgier people. If you want to make the gift a little bigger, the font would be killer with a simple layered necklace and/or a cool tie dye beanie like this one from Masha Apparel on Amazon. The necklace shop also does other languages and fonts, which I think is pretty unique!

Unique and Girly Pieces

AstraMeadow has gorgeous handmade hair accessories for your girly friend. This gift would be a great idea to give alongside some other items like a a candle with a gift card to your mom or friend's hair salon, Dry bar, or a local spa to really get into the "treat yo'self" mindset. It would be cute with some of the home and food options mentioned below. You can really make the gift all about self care! 

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know I recently did a giveaway with NecessaryCreationsCo. They have awesome handmade clay polymer earrings and hair accessories. I think this is a great option for your artsy friend or your friends who appreciate handmade items - probably an enneagram 2.

I love the pictured Lavender sweatshirt or this tie dye tshirt for a cute and cozy look. Both items are from Dress Up which certainly has blown up in the last couple of years, but I still consider them small! The colors are super girly and fun to brighten up someone's winter. I think these tops are great options for pre-teens, teenagers, or someone who loves loungewear (which...who doesn't??). 

Simple and Classic Pieces

We love our minimalist friends because they don't usually want much. Since you don't want to go overboard with trendy styles or an abundance of items, I think a simple designed phone case would be cute, personal, and functional. If your budget allows you, pairing a vegan clutch purse with a classic style would be a great combination. 

For my mom's birthday, I got her a simple necklace that says, "Mama." Her style is a little more bold, but I think this one is perfect for someone who likes their pieces to be a little more understated. Perfect for your mama or a mama to be. I think this necklace would be really cute pair with a simple necklace from It's Especially Lucky like the one pictured in the graphic. If you go with the layered necklace look, adding a handmade hair pin from TakenTwiceJewellry is a great addition to the gold jewelry.

Under $35 Section

Crewneck ($35) and Sunnies ($14) | Knot Earrings ($33) and Tortoiseshell ($25)
Dress ($35) | Hair Clip ($8) | Bracelet ($22) | Lounge Set ($34)

I understand that part of shopping small means paying a little bit of a higher price, but there are some amazing deals out there that still support small businesses! For example, these cat eye sunglasses are only $13.80. While you're already on the Citrus Husk website, pick up this homebody crewneck for $34.50 too! They're great gifts together or separate that anyone would love. If you wanted to do one of those options, you could always pick up a few cutie items from TJ Maxx or Target like a plain baseball hat (usually under $17) in a trendy color and/or the DW Home or Scentsational candles (a medium size is usually around $10-12) to go along with it. 

This dress has had the audacity to sell out a bunch of times, but Closetier keeps restocking it! Right at $35, a dress that's this popular is a gift I'd love to get (the inside joke is I actually bought myself one lol) PLUS it has pockets. Every girl loves a dress or jumpsuit with pockets and that's a fact. These tortoiseshell earrings or knotted style earrings are also a fab idea if you don't want to get too much for someone. Humans Before Handles (where the two earrings are from) have been featured on Milk and Essence, which is a fun thing to mention after they open the gift; it simply adds to the experience and excitement. While we're on the jewelry gifts, I love these bracelets. This option is not for everyone and that's because not everyone likes to wear bracelets. If you notice they wear a watch, then they are probably used to the feeling of having something on their wrist and would likely wear a bracelet. If that's the case, these are around $22 a piece and would look so cute layered. 

The ultimate deal of all of these gifts under $35 is this loungewear set. It is ONLY $34 for the tops and bottoms. I got a gray loungewear set from there (which is available in a small on sale for $12) from here and it is one of my favorite things to wear when working from home or simply lounging around the house. Plus, I cheered with the owner of this shop waaaay back in middle school, and she is the sweetest person ever! 

Although it's not under $35 like this section says, Dress Up advertises being everything under $50. This store has some awesome basics or super on trend items for a range of ages. If you check out their daily deals tab, those items are usually marked 50% for that day. Keep checking that section for a steal deal!

Home + Food

Flower Arrangement ($ based on size) | Tent | Let that Ish Go Magnet ($6) | Prints ($6)
Neon Sign ($88) | Cactus ($15+) | Crayon name sign ($20+) | GA Sticker ($8) | GA Magnet Puzzle ($13)
Earring Holder ($26.99) | Face Steamer Blend ($35) | Cleansing Oil ($38) | Candle ($38) | 
Peach Candle ($12) | Blanket ($120+)

Cozy Gifts:

Everyone loves a cozy gift! If you want to get some nicer items, I think this candle or this candle kit paired with this blanket is a nice combination. More affordable options is getting a tea or coffee blend and travel mug. Ivy's Tea is a great gift for tea drinkers since it's a homemade blend. Ivy's Tea has awesome references to classic Hip-Hop which is great for your chill friend. Pair it with a cute tea infuser and a good book for a cute and simple gift. From Ivy's tea, I suggest the blend called, "Blow." Once steeped, it creates a beautiful blue color. I love this idea for a chill friend who you know prefers to stay home to going out.

Self-Care Gifts:

Going with the staying home theme, self care is always a great gift idea! I love this one from Knack, but it retails around $100. Another option is a TheraBox. It's a self care box created by therapists, and you can get one box for $35. Not feeling those options? Create your own! This facial steamer blend looks heavenly, and you can add a pumpkin face maskbath milk from the same shop as the steamer or this cleansing oil from Seven Sisters in Portland, OR.

The Missing Home Bestie:

Cute home gifts for your friend who moved away are this Atlanta puzzle and this bestie candle. The bestie candle is just plain cute and they'll think of you every time they light it! I also like the little Georgia sticker and peach scented candle if you wanted to fluff up the gift more. These are sweet gifts for someone when they move because without a doubt they are going to miss home at some point. With these gifts, they can feel the comfort of loved ones all the way in their new state! This gift can be replicated for any state, there are a ton of location puzzles and candles to chose from on the internet.

Room Decor and Art:

I love giving gifts that brighten up someone's place. A fresh flower arrangement from JJ's Flower Shop is a great way to do that. You can pick the size and type of arrangement and have them sent (locally in ATL). If you're balling on more of a budget, watch a YouTube video on how to create an arrangement and make your own with Trader Joe's flowers or fake ones at Hobby Lobby (they do 50% off all the time) and purchase a vase that matches their decor. 

A flower arrangement would definitely brighten up their space, but so could plants! There are some super cute handmade potters and planters on Esty, and you could go to your local nursery to pick out a plant. If you don't want to go to the store or buy the plant and pot separately, The Cactus Store or The Sill can be sent right to their door. This is a great option to send to people if you aren't able to see this this year.

Another way to brighten up someone's home is literally. Get your bff or mama a custom neon sign! I thought this one was pretty inexpensive, but there are a ton on Etsy! If that's still not your budget, google "bedroom signs," "neon signs," or "cute room signs." A lot of bigger stores have cute signs for the room and Amazon has some neon signs too!

The gift of art can be tricky because everyone has specific visions for their spaces. However, if you're feeling confident, look for some fun prints and frames to gift.  Prints on Etsy run as low as $5 and all you have to do it print it out at Walgreens or Free Prints then frame it. I've found some great frames on Amazon for really affordable prices. If you don't want the hassle, some shops offer printing and/or framing together for an extra charge, of course.

Need something small? How about some fun graphic notebooks or magnets?
PeachyKeenByDesignCo has some funky and affordable options with fun saying on them. 

                                   Gifts for Kids and Tweens

I love this crayon name set to gift a little girl because of all the colors! It starts at $20 and goes by number of letters for the rest of the pricing scale. A few ideas for the imagination could be this fun tutu or a play tent. If you want a more personal gift, a book with her as the main character, a box with her name on it filled with goodies she likes such as candy, magical fairy dust (glitter in a jar), or small toys. You could also do this purse, wallet, or panda watch which can have her name on it as well. 

These next gifts have a theme. Can you guess what it is? UNICORNS! Gift her everything unicorns like unicorn perfume, a magical tumbler with her name on it, and an earring holder in the shape of a unicorn! It will be such a fun and exciting gift for her to open up. If you feel like that's too many unicorns, the earring holder comes in more classic styles like a circle or wooden tree.

As girls get older, there are a little less magical things they want. If they are in middle school chances are they have a phone! Loopy cases are a great gift idea because it's cute and functional. Another fun gift is a color changing speaker; this is great for any age and gender. If you don't know the girl very well and don't want to get something really big, a Christmas coloring book paired with a big pack of markers or a cute TJ Maxx tumbler paired with a gift card is a more simple and generic option.

Thanks for reading! I hope you found this gift guide to be helpful! Be sure to sign up for my email subscription to get updated on all my posts (it's not very often and can be found on my homepage) or follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, and @breathinglavender. Also, I put a TON of work (think multiple hours and days over a few weeks on top of my full time job) into this post. If you could please share it and tag me on any and every social media, that would mean the world to me. 

P.S I'm not making any money off of this, I just want to support local & small businesses. 

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